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Is Senior Living Sector a Good Investment Right Now?

Investing in senior housing is a long play that has the potential to pay off big time.                    


The baby-boomer generation is now transitioning into the golden years. 

By 2030, the roughly 73 million boomers will be 65 years and older. Although around 63% of senior households, which include those aged 65 and above, are expected to maintain homeownership, there’s still an alarming number of ageing seniors who will need places to live.

Senior Investiment

Given the shortage of senior housing and the growing demand, there’s a major opportunity within this sector. In 2022, senior housing occupancy levels have rebounded to 85%.  

Investors looking for long-term growth potential should definitely consider investing in Senior Residences. Healthcare continues to be a tendency to invest, so now it’s your turn to invest in this sector.

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