The renowned Forbes magazine distinguishes Portugal, more specifically the Algarve region, as the country of choice to live after the COVID-19 pandemic


The American magazine highlights the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities that the world will continue to offer to the financially stable population in the times that will follow the pandemic that has frozen almost all sectors of the economy. This is also a unique and challenging opportunity to diversify your lifestyle, take care of your physical and emotional well-being, test your resistance to unpredictability and enhance the sense of community in your relationships.

Some questions arise from this reflection: what will be the best locations in the world where you can invest your capital and spend your greatest luxury, Time? How can you ensure that these choices produce the expected effect in the future? This is an extremely important task that involves ensuring that it will not be subjected to the discretion of a government, a market, an economy and, therefore, a currency.

In line with this reflection, Portugal conquers the podium as the most attractive option in the eurozone and, notably, the Algarve province is chosen for several factors, among them: its mild and shinny climate, security, the inclusive health system , friendly hospitality, gastronomy, excellent infrastructure, golf and beautiful beaches that stretch across its vast coastline. Mazatlan (Mexico) and Cayo (Belize) are Portugal’s podium companions in this list of options.

As a country, Portugal still has na enormous advantage: it is a privileged gateway to the European Union and offers a powerful tool, the Gold Visa which results in the allocation of the fourth most powerful passport in the world. In 2012, the Portuguese Government amended the Portuguese Immigration Law, specially designed to simplify the granting of a residence permit to foreigners who want to invest in Portugal and, therefore, welcome investors who wish to increase their capital in Portugal.

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