Vilamoura will have more Passion, more Intensity and more Time!

Rebellion Hotel – a project built with the inspiring premisse of revolutionise the hotel sector in Vilamoura, Algarve. Here we can find art combined to the high quality and  timeless ness, highlighting its elegance and offering the satisfaction unprecedented to all who are seeking to.

This arquitectural masterpiece which exalted the Swiss watchmaking and racing cars, while maintaining luxury and involving story, is made by a hotel with 140 suites and 162 residences which are pretending to glorify the environment’s potential, granting its personality and exclusivity, which by their quality convert a common hotel in  an extraordinary one.

This project, that you are knowing, is remarkable by engaging in its creative process to knowledge of what the customer is seeking to, in order to reflect his/her personality while taking account of luxury and comfort, and also by respecting the natural environment.

This way, ressurges like the intelligent management system have as main purpose to embrace the sustainability, making all the project eco efficient, avoiding natural and social impacts. That’s why all the standards of LEED GOLD and WELL GOLD certificativos are respected.

The building will enable to make use of the future technology, which in turn will provide a optimised experience in each stay, adapting the service to the needs of each customer, in order to enjoy a truly unique irreproachable experience.

This project was designed by Duo Masters, which is seeking to evince the potential of this small paradise, by integrating it in a harmonious way and by combining the luxury standards which characterise us, combined to creativity, aesthetic and irreverence, which are present in the Duo Master’s and Rebellion Timepieces’ DNA.

Eugénio Montez, the Duo Masters CEO, shares his vision for the Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura and ‘lifts the veil’ providing more information about what the space that promises to be dedicated to the most precious luxury item: Time!

How did the Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura concept come up?

Using one of the many expressions from Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet (and twisting it a bit)  “… when man dreams, a work of art is born!”

The Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura is a dream come true, because Duo Masters wanted to bring to Portugal a thematic hotel, which it would stand out for a different offer, design and experiences that could be provided to guests. The result of months of negotiation, many drafts and projects is truly spectacular and extraordinary. We are certain that we have managed to incorporate the Passion and Intensity of the Rebellion Timepieces® brand in this Hotel proposal and that it will arise a great deal of desire in potential guests and potential stakeholders!

Vilamoura is recognized for its luxurious offer in what hotels are concerned. Why is the Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura a different luxury?

The world of luxury in the hospitality is made up of intangible assets and the values ​​which prevail are: time, beauty and a welcoming environment. To have time is the new concept of luxury and this is a concept in which the brand Rebellion Timepieces® is an expert in!

This is a hotel imbued in a strong will to do something differentiating, genuine in terms of hotel services in this region. We want to demonstrate that luxury hotel customers are educated to appreciate beauty and take advantage of it. A welcoming environment is a state of mind that luxury hotels can create and stimulate and we want to make this space one that is passionate, intense and that values and truly treasures ​​time.

The Hotel has 140 suites and there are also 186 residences (2 bedrooms), both built in a 63,000 m2, an excellent investment due to the potential profitability of the spaces intended for tourist area exclusive. There are many available services for the guests, serving different target audiences, such as: families who want to enjoy the luxury of escaping the routine and experiencing new sensations; all those who wish to enjoy their most precious asset, time, with wellness experiences or a golf match; business audiences (our auditorium will be absolutely fantastic, with incredible acoustic levels and lighting conditions); millenials looking for experiences and sensations.

What is Duo Masters’ role in this project?

Duo Masters has an ongoing collaboration with the Rebellion Timepieces® brand and the Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura is the result of the foundation of all partnerships: trust. Duo Masters has a wide knowledge of the  hotel sector and the real estate market as well as experience in providing excellent services to an audience that expects luxurious experiences. When combined, these variables have driven us to join them in a space that reflects our skills and our experience. We lacked the theme, an identity and as such we have challenged our partner, because we have always believed, from moment zero, it would be fully commited to this project by heart and soul.

About the Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura and Residences

In the Rebellion Hotel Vilamoura, guests and investors will find the following amenities and services:

  • 140 suites
  • Luxurious finishings
  • Built in a 26.174sqm area
  • A construction volume of 18.500sqm
  • Private garage for guests and visitors
  • Parking for guests
  • Auditorium for meetings and congresses
  • Rooftop restaurant with panoramic elevator
  • Hotel restaurante and bar
  • Swimming pool bar and rooftop garden
  • Private swimming pool for adults and children
  • Kids playground
  • Spa e Gym
  • Tennis court
  • Large and pleasant garden areas
  • Large reception with large double height
  • Private beach exclusive for hotel guests

In the Residences guests and investors will find:

  • 168 Apatments (2 suite bedrooms) with 1 guest bathroom and equipped with a kitchenette
  • Totally equipped and furnished, ready to be inhabited (including all home textiles)
  • Private garage (1 place per apartment)
  • Built in a 36.830 sqm area with a construction volume of 20.200sqm
  • Private swimming pool and leisure areas
  • Kids playground
  • Reception and common services area
  • Large and pleasant garden areas

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