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Advantages of the Golden Visa

When you invest in Portugal through the Golden Visa program, you can take advantage of multiple advantages, such like:

  • Permit to enter in Portugal or travel freely in Europe;
  • The right to live and work in Portugal, without a residence visa;
  • Possibility of maintain the current residence during the investment period;
  • Acquire a residence visa or Portuguese citizenship;
  • Inclusion of the family.
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In Duo Masters, we are experts in provide the best investment solutions and we assure profitability to our clients.

With more than ten years of market experience and a highly specialised team, we manage all the legal issues of your Golden Visa investment and we assure that everything responds to your needs.

We plan and make the management of your properties, ensuring a unique and customized experience for you.

    Before Brexit, UK citizens were not able to apply to the Portuguese Golden Visa program. That is no longer the case since the separation of UK from the EU.
    It became even more attractive to invest in Portugal, especially in the region of Algarve, a very popular region among UK residents.

    If you are a Golden Visa holder, you are now entitled to the Portuguese nationality or acquire a residence visa in Portugal after 5-6 years. After that period of time, the holder can choose one of the options mentioned. In the event of lack of interest in all of the options, he/she can renew the Golden Visa every 2 years.

    There are related costs with the request and acquirement of the Portuguese Golden Visa. For the standard application to this program, the investor will be charged with:

  • Application fee: €533.90 (and €83.30 per additional dependent family member);
  • Permit issue fee: €5,336.40/person for an initial permit and €2,6668.20 at renewal;


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