The Luxury Terrace Sky Villa in Algarve

Duo Masters introduces Terrace Sky Villa, a one-of-a-kind villa located in Quintinhas, Vilamoura, that embodies the art of innovation. Terrace Sky caters to the most refined tastes and provides the perfect setting in the lively Algarve landscape.

Embark on a guided tour of this exquisite villa and indulge in a luxurious atmosphere.


Descending to Floor -1, you are welcomed by a spacious garage that accommodates three cars, a cinema room for an unparalleled entertainment experience, a gym for revitalising workouts, two lavish suites, and a private patio.


As you enter through the stunning entrance of Terrace Sky Villa, you are greeted by an impressive facade, highlighted by an artistic structure reflected in a water mirror. The generous hall reveals the main staircase, and the double-height dining room merges with the vast outdoor garden, offering a magnificent view of the pool and a clever use of natural light. The discreet passage at the end leads to the kitchen, which has an outdoor patio with an intimate barbecue area for social gatherings.


On the first floor, you will find the master suite that is sure to appeal to the most sophisticated tastes, with a walk-in closet, breathtaking spaces, and a pool view. Additionally, there are two suites that overlook the garden. The hallway on this floor, with abundant natural light, provides a glimpse into the living room and outside.


Lastly, Terrace Sky Villa’s Rooftop is the pinnacle of luxury, boasting a terrace with panoramic views, a private garden, and a jacuzzi where you can bask in the Algarve sun in complete privacy. You can also enjoy cinema sessions on the rooftop, surrounded by the mesmerising scenery of the Algarve.

Experience the epitome of luxury and innovation in the vibrant landscape of the Algarve at Terrace Sky Villa – a true masterpiece of art and design.