Viagens: Destinos de Luxo 2023

Travel: Luxury Destinations 2023

Travelling can help you to learn more about the world. Using your passport, make you a more well-rounded person with a wealth of travel experiences under your belt. Whether you want to travel to the far-flung corners of the globe or stay a little closer to home, there are countless amazing locations to head to. 

Let’s find out memorable locations that are worthy of a visit in 2023.


Italy with, rich and delicious pasta dishes, sumptuous wines, and welcoming weather in the summer. 

Travel: Luxury Destinations 2023

The beaches are some of the most relaxing you will find in Europe, and even after just a few hours spent there in the afternoon, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed. If you are seeking nature, then Gennargentu National Park is perfect. It expands over a huge area, so bring your hiking shoes. It is also home to the highest peak in Sardinia and offers some beautiful views from the top.

2. Singapore

Known as ‘the Gateway to Asia’, Singapore is an innovative city-state renowned for its cleanliness, efficiency and world-class food scene.

Travel: Luxury Destinations 2023

Some of the most delicious dishes in the world are served in Singapore, you’ll find a head-spinning amount of options. It’s a place where smoky temples sit modestly in the shadow of towering skyscrapers, jungles encroach on department stores and luxurious blocks sit cheek-by-jowl with secret cocktail dens. 

And if all of that isn’t enough, Singapore is one of the finest locations in the world when it comes to green space – Gardens By The Bay is proof of this.

3. Algarve, portugal

Sparkling coastline, world-class golf and unspoilt villages. Famed for its Mediterranean beaches and championship golf courses, the Algarve is Portugal’s best-known holiday hotspot.

Travel: Luxury Destinations 2023

Algarve’s beaches are truly spectacular. There are over 150, dotted along miles of coastline. Amongst them are some of Europe’s blue-flagged best, from broad swathes of golden sand to sheltered coves.

4. Bali, Indonesia

A small island with a big heart. It’s easy to see why people label Bali as a marvellous destination.

Travel: Luxury Destinations 2023

You can explore the black volcanic beaches to the north, or feel the soft, powdery sand of the southeast slipping through your toes. Stumble across verdant green rice terraces carved into the sides of hills, and delightful trekking routes that take you through them. Back on the coast, there are world-class diving opportunities among the Indian Ocean’s rich marine life. 

The perfect place to get to grips with Balinese culture: it’s the centre of arts and crafts on the island, and Nusa Dua, and its luxury villas, is the perfect spot from which to explore the white beaches of Sanur, Legian and Kuta.